JobsTrackR’s pledge to help recruiters and candidates

Coronavirus has changed how the world operates and it has shaken up the jobs market in unprecedented ways. Jobs are being lost in many sectors but also being created in others. As a job board, we feel a responsibility to help to ensure the job market stays buoyant and people are kept in employment. With so many companies currently moving their offices remotely and employees working from home, we at JobsTrackR now feel that it is vital to shift our focus to this area of the market in order to help both recruiters and job-seekers through these troubled waters.

One of the ways we feel we can help at this difficult time is by offering free job posting for everyone in order to help recruiters find candidates more quickly. Furthermore, candidates will be able to find remote job postings with a click of a button, making it far easier to track down work from home jobs.

It seems likely the job market will adjust to being more remote-focused, certainly in the short term, and perhaps to a degree in the longer term too. JobsTrackR aims to be the job board to both facilitate the surge in demand for remote jobs and continue to host all other job types in order to keep the jobs market going.

Let us help you. Free job posting for all recruiters, easier ways to find remote jobs for candidates and relevant advice in the form of helpful blogs and news articles. Our aim? The same as it has always been - to help candidates find the perfect jobs and recruiters to fill vacancies with talent. This is more vital than ever in these extraordinary times.

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