Connecting Talent to opportunity

Connecting Talent to opportunity

Recruitment Consultant - Accountancy and Finance


Job Description:

Recruitment Consultant to Manager: I'd like to show a bit more personality in my LinkedIn posts?

Manager to Recruitment Consultant: That's just not how we do things here, we need to be true to our corporate brand. Just send an email to the rest of the business and get them to like and share it, you'll get goo traction then :) 


RC to Mgr: I'm thinking about writing a creative advert that really speaks to the candidates, can I send you a draft of what I'm thinking of? 

Mgr to RC: Just copy and paste the job description, it's not like we're likely to get someone for this job on the adverts anyway!


RC to Mgr: I've managed to break into that key client that we've been trying to get to for years.

Mgr to RC: We're going to pass the account to some Director in a different region, they're more experienced to manage accounts like this. I'm sure they will send you some form of recognition though

RC to Mgr: Did we manage to agree terms with that key account? 

Mgr to RC: No, the internal resourcing team were being completely unreasonable and wouldn't resign so we could recruit all of their jobs for them! That's just not the sort of business that deserves our services


Do these conversations sound familiar? The politics and bureaucracy of your current business really getting you down?? 

It's hard when you, on the front line, can see what the clients and candidates are looking for. You can see the market moving, transitioning and in some cases, even openly telling you what is new. Problem is, you have to continue to recruit in this robotic, uniformed way. Mainly, because the if you show a bit of personality or creativity, you might find yourself being on the other end of a phone call from a Director in London somewhere, who hasn't actually recruited in 20 years, telling you "this isn't how we do things here". 

Working for Michael Sharma Group isn't all rainbows and sunshine either. You'll pick up the phone to most new clients and hear "Where are you calling from?", "sorry, which agency?!". You may also hear things like "We just don't think you have the infrastructure to support our business" 

What you will have though, is the chance to answer that question for yourself...No need to pass it over to anyone. You are the brand ambassador for the business, you've been entrusted to represent us in front of clients, why would we take away your chance to seal the deal?! If you need us for moral support, we'll absolutely be there to cheer you on, but it's up to you to close the deal, how else will you learn and develop?!?!

Coupled with the autonomy, we're also paying decent commission as well as 25 days holiday. On site parking, working hours of 9-5, pool table (that you're actually allowed to play on), decent Nespresso machine and more importantly the culture and environment to support you're development and growth. Become a top billing Consultant, earn loads of commission and have access to a clear progression path.

If that sounds like something you're interested in, get in touch on 02477360066 or reach out to Sean on [email protected]







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