Connecting Talent to opportunity

Connecting Talent to opportunity

Head of Pollution & Residential Services


Job Description:

To manage up to 8 directly managed staff and up to 60 indirectly managed/ consultancy/contracting staff.


  1. To inspire, manage, and give direction to service areas, managers and teams of employees delivering a range of services so as to ensure that services contribute to the development and delivery of corporate projects and initiatives, and to the achievement of the Council's overall vision, strategy and policies. This to be achieved whilst also ensuring conformity with relevant legislation, frameworks or guidance and codes of practice.
  2. To contribute to the overall management of the Division and in particular to collaborate with the other post holder in order to co-ordinate work and to deputise in their absence.
  3. To ensure services achieve a high standard of service delivery and strive for continual improvement through effective leadership, communication both within and outside of the organisation, efficient management of services, and the appropriate and effective monitoring of the performance of teams and individuals. This includes optimising the use of information and communications technology within the parameters of the Council's IT and communications strategies.
  4. To be responsible for the overall budget for the services: to undertake budget planning, monitoring, and control, ensuring delivery of budget targets and identifying efficiencies, while maintaining effective delivery. To ensure financial procedures and standing orders are rigorously and consistently applied in order to comply with statutory and audit requirements.
  5. To maintain an awareness of new and emerging legislation and policy changes and to be innovative and creative in both exploring and utilizing opportunities provided by such changes.
  6. To provide, or ensure the provision of, advice on the practical interpretation of all relevant legislation, regulations and directives governing the operation of services. As part of this, to ensure that service areas keep abreast of all changes in corporate policy/practice as well as relevant regional, national and EU legislative changes and to implement changes in procedures and working practices to ensure their effective introduction.
  7. To receive and evaluate reports of contraventions of the various statutes and give direction as to the appropriate action required, including where necessary recommendations in accordance with the scheme of delegation in force. As necessary, to represent the Directorate in legal proceedings, tribunals, public enquiries, inquests or other forums as necessary.
  8. To direct and ensure that services develop strategies to promote awareness amongst, and consultation with, members of the public, community groups and stakeholders on service issues, and to work with community groups and partner agencies in the development, implementation and delivery of specific initiatives, projects and shared services as appropriate.
  9. To lead the review, development and implementation of policies and strategies in relation to the services overall, and to ensure that service area managers review, develop and implement strategies, policies and procedures for services under their control.
  10. To assist in, and direct as appropriate, cross cutting work with other services, Local Authorities, stakeholders and agencies with a view to creating opportunities for improvement in service delivery and outcomes.
  11. To advise the Assistant Director of the performance of services and their capacity to meet statutory and other requirements, and of significant changes in terms of those requirements.
  12. To recruit, motivate and develop staff as appropriate and ensure that there is effective communication within and between service areas.
  13. To be responsible for ensuring that the Council's corporate strategies, plans and policies are appropriately and consistently applied across all service areas. This includes, but is not limited to, performance management, sickness absence and attendance management, equal opportunities, and the Council's IT and communications strategies.
  14. To provide information and advice to, and deal with enquiries from, elected Members on matters relating to services, and developing good relationships with government departments, external agencies and stakeholders, maintaining a high level of political awareness.
  15. To ensure services are appropriately represented at all relevant corporate and external meetings, and to ensure an appropriate level of interface and communication with members, senior officers, partners, etc.
  16. To undertake any other duties that may be required, commensurate with the level and responsibilities of the post, and in the absence of service-specific managers, to deal with matters arising coming under the scope of the post.
  17. To undertake all duties with due regard to the provisions of health and safety regulations and legislation, the Council's Equal Opportunities and Customer Care policies, and the New Technology agreement.
  • Job Type

    Contract, Full Time

  • Work Authorisation


  • Industry Sector Other

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