4 reasons why your online presence will replace your CV in the future

ON March 22, 2018

A polished CV will always be a job search requirement. But as times change and the job market adapts, you will quickly find alternative ways to secure employment.

These changes take effect gradually; like the way you mostly apply for jobs online today. The new process of recruitment, and what is set to dominate the foreseeable future, is your online activity. This means that recruiters or employers will approach you based on your optimised social media presence and your CV that is on job sites.

Virtual CV

Your CV is basically now virtual anyway. Think about it, when was the last time you had to print out your CV and then fold it neatly into a small white envelope? Gone are the days where you had to hand in your CV directly or send it via post. Nowadays, you send your CV to employers via email or by filling out a form on their website.

If you have an account with a job board, then you probably already have your CV uploaded to their database. Recruiters can easily find you if you have agreed to share your information with them.

As well as sending out your CV digitally, you can now create a professional looking CV without the awkward handwriting involved. Many job sites and career-focused sites have a feature allowing you to build a CV to download and then send directly to potential employers. JobsTrackR now has a CV Builder tool that allows you to do just that.

Online Passion & Communication

Online presence has a huge impact on any market. Even your passions and what you communicate online can add to the general voice of what people want. According to a survey that SimplyHired carried out, 83% of job seekers would rather have a job they love than a job that pays well. If this is something you agree with then you are one of many and it is something employers will now take into consideration. However, what is being communicated online can show employers what they can change in their recruitment tactics.

Also, social media platforms are a place where you can really showcase yourself personally. Recruiters can view your profile to see if you are enjoying your work because they can see if you are going to be the sort of person that is more productive and helps promote your work culture.

Social Media Presence

Nothing is new when it comes to maintaining your social media profile to a good state due to it being easily searchable by recruiters. However, according to Undercover Recruiter, 75% of employees in the UK agree that social media is a valuable tool for managing brand reputation. Consequently, professionals are now using your social presence to see what you are like as a person. For instance, not just what you have as your profile but how you are using tools like LinkedIn to network with industry associates and clients, and how you communicate with them.

LinkedIn has a big platform of industry influencers that use their news feed as a hub for topical, professional content. And, if you follow the LinkedIn Influencers and companies who publish such content, this is a great start. If you then interact with key people in your industry, it shows that you have a true interest in what you do, meaning if you like or share content, you have an active social media presence which reflects your expertise and passions. Recruiters can then approach you with relevant data and present you with suitable roles.

In addition, LinkedIn profiles play a big part in acting like a CV to a recruiter or a hiring manager, either in a passive or active job search. So, what you put down as your skills etc on LinkedIn will be seen by many people that may want to hire you.

Traditional Job Searching

When was the last time you used the newspaper to find and then apply for a job? If you have, great! But, this method is slowly declining because of the other job advertising options that are on the market. The undertone of most things shifting to technology is a good thing. Modern job searching methods are making your application process much easier. So naturally, your job search and application will grow to only be online.

By building your online presence and appearing relevant, employers will be able to find you and invest in your passion. Thus you have more job opportunities and will have an edge over other applicants. Basically, if you are passionate about your job and you treat your online presence as one giant networking event, you’ll be in good stead to find the perfect company and the perfect career!

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