How does Google For Jobs work for jobseekers

ON June 15, 2018

You may or may not know about Google For Jobs but its launch has already got the recruitment industry talking. For a person looking for a new job like yourself, you may be thinking ‘How does Google For Jobs work for jobseekers’.

Google’s advanced technology powers your search to find you open job positions specific to your keyword search query. Job seekers can use this search to apply for jobs directly from Google.

How does Google for jobs work?

Google For Jobs can be compared to indeed because of the same technology that pulls job listings from different web sources into one place. Therefore, allowing you to find a job first before finding a position on a job board. As a result, it decreases your job searching steps.

Nonetheless, Google hasn’t completely taken over the job advert aspect. What it simply does is generate open positions for you to then view on job sites. For instance, when you type a keyword query into Google search, it will display jobs that match with what you are searching for. The Search engine algorithm will capture jobs from different job sites and show them at the top of the page in a separate section.

According to TechCrunch the likes of Monster, Linkedin, Glassdoor, Facebook, have partnered with Google, making the new search even more compatible with other job sites. In addition, this also means that Google hasn’t taken away the full experience from job boards it just allows your job search to be even more precise.

Features on Google for jobs

Google also lets you scale down your job search further with filters. The feature is like advanced search on a job search website. Therefore you can apply what type of job (full-time, part-time, etc.), the location of the job, and/or the specific employer to your search.

What the Google location feature expands on is the job location radius. Basically, you can input the miles you would like to travel for work. Google has a tab which you can input a number of miles like 5, 10 or 100 from your location.

Addition to this feature there is another way Google complies information, which is shown at the bottom of each job listing. Google uses Glassdoor reviews and other career-related sites to gather more information about the job listing. Furthermore, when you want to apply for the job you have a choice to click on different job websites to then apply, this can be useful if you have a login account with the job site.

Moreover, Google For Jobs has a setup job alert element. Google will alert you when there is a job matching of your description/search.

Example of Google for job searches

To break down how Google for jobs works, here are some example of searches,

If you type “Sales jobs” into Google Search, you’ll get a list of jobs which then lead to various job sites. If you have your location on in Google then it is clever enough to show jobs near you.



Will I find good jobs with Google for jobs?

Google For Jobs is still evolving and at the moment many websites are still trying to find ways to get their jobs listed on Google. The best way to find your perfect job is still to look around, even if that means using your usual job searching methods.

Shall I still go to job sites to find a job?

The answer is yes. Google For Jobs still directs you to a job website, so you can go directly to the job website. Besides many job sites work differently and target specific job industries. Nevertheless, if a job board has worked for you before you should use what you feel comfortable with. After all, you may already have job alerts and accounts set up with job sites.

Google’s main aim is to help job seekers find jobs that might not show up in a traditional search. The advancing machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities will be able to identify and group together hard to find jobs that might not be searchable.

Whatever you use for your job search know that you don’t have to stick to one method. JobsTrackR is a perfect example of being more than a place where you find jobs. You may want to look up tips and advice to help you on your job hunt. The features like job alerts to be informed about new job opportunities and CV Builder to build a great CV is something Google hasn’t mastered yet.

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