How to get a job over the summer

ON July 11, 2018

University may be finished for the term, but have you been thinking about how to get a job over the summer? Let’s be realistic you may not want to work. However, with the long summer days being off, you may just want to earn some money.

Give yourself enough time

A big job search mistake is waiting too long to apply for jobs. Finding a job before the end of the term will help you out a lot in terms of stress. Going through summer trying to find a job will make it even more unenjoyable because you will be worrying about getting yourself a job. Even if you aren’t available to start work until the later half of the summer holidays, many places that want seasonal staff are open to different time starters.

The best time to start looking for a summer job all depends on what job you want to do. For big companies and competitive roles, they start to occur around November time for the following year. However, the majority of jobs are advertised between February and May.

Don’t just search online

While big retailers and companies have their recruitment process online, many small businesses in and around your area may stick to the old fashion method. If this is the case, social skills can go a long way. Shops, pubs and cafes are just some establishments that may be family run. Many companies also like the enthusiasm and keenness of young people wanting a job in their business, and some are very understanding when university students want part-time work.

Also, unadvertised opportunities can be known amongst your social network allowing you to get the inside knowledge of recent advertised seasonal jobs.

Recruitment agencies can be a great help

What you may not know is some recruitment companies can help university students to find a job. There are even companies that specifically place part-time workers and summer workers with a variety of sites that list summer job openings. Admittedly, you can research these jobs yourself but what a recruitment company does, is take away the hard work from you. They will actually find the job for you to then go to interviews. Recruitment companies are basically seen as the middleman between you and the employer.

Additionally, if you’re a University student, you probably have a university guidance office which is there to assist and help you with your job search. Utilise this service to help you find a summer position. People in the position are very willing to find you interviews to get you in the right job over the summer. In fact, some universities have jobs available for students doing things like working in the communal venue or shop.

Sort out your CV

Your CV is important for both online and physical purposes. Regardless of what position you apply for you need to have both forms at hand. Many jobs will be online but for the smaller businesses, they prefer a physical copy handed in.

When it comes to sorting out your CV, you need to keep it punctual. Many people know as a university student you won’t have a huge lot of experience, which means you just need to state the basics of your qualifications and experience. Only include relevant GCSE’s and experiences that matter to the job.

A good tip would be to stress the flexibility of being a student, this appeals to places that have long working days because they need a lot of staff to accommodate shifts.

Don’t miss the interview

This might be a given, but in most cases, you won’t be applying for your dream job. A prospective employer will still expect you to be enthusiastic about the role and what you can bring to the table in regards to skills. With this being said, things like interview manners and how your present yourself is very significant. So, missing an interview will be seen as a big no-no. Prepare beforehand and check your calendar to see if the interview doesn’t clash with anything university related.

Have the right mindset

When you start searching for a job, it is important to think about if a job is right for you now. At the end of the day, work is still work and things like work references are key to bag yourself another job in the future. So, if you don’t want a job or go into it with a bad attitude or a low mentality, you will not perform to your highest standards in the job role. Employers may not give you a reference at all. Not wanting a job over the summer is not a problem. Your priorities may include other things like travelling or studying rather than working.

If you are looking for a job, don’t overlook opportunities for summer internships in the field of work you would like to go into. Especially if you don’t want a job doing something for a short period of time with not much skills required. Most medium to large companies offers internships all year round with programmes that are approved by the government.

Work and have fun

You might be going to a festival this summer and if so, have you ever thought about working for one? Many festival events have incentives for young people. These incentives include a free ticket and different access to parts of the venue. The benefits can overweigh the work itself.

Working for events and festivals is a good way to gain experience with no huge commitment to a long-term contract. Companies are set up for this kind of work below is a list of websites that can help you to find a job at a festival,

If you are looking for a summer job, JobsTrackR has many positions you can look into. Just click onto this link and it will show you all the current opportunities


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