Job Searching Tips and Advice for Gen Xers

ON August 16, 2017

Generation X was viewed as the hardest working generation according to a survey from Workfront. They are also the first generation that made it known they wanted a good work and social life balance.

If you are a Gen X, here is some job searching tips and advice that will improve your chances of getting that perfect job.

Own your craft

Over the years of working you have gained a lot of work experience and skills. Don’t be afraid to use this to your advantage. Showcase what sets you apart on your CV and make sure you highlight that in an interview.

Evolve to the new ways of doing things

During your job search, invest some time researching the new ways to apply for jobs. Job searching has changed dramatically over the last few years; virtually all companies will now use a combination of job boards and social media to advertise their job offers. You are extremely likely to be contacted by a company or a recruiter once your CV is out on the internet.

Don’t get comfortable if you want to achieve more

It’s easy to stay in your current job, but if you feel like you need a change then don’t hesitate. Look or ask around your company for available opportunities. You don’t always have to move onto a new company to feel that you are moving up the ladder so keep networking where possible and put yourself forward when the right opportunity arises.

Adapt to your interviewer

Positioned between Baby Boomers and Millennials, many Gen Xers benefit from a wider understanding how to work with both of these generations and are often a great bridge between the two.

When it comes to interviews you can use this knowledge and experience to your advantage and highlight why this makes you a great candidate. If you are being interviewed by a millennial, then don’t be put off because they are younger than you. Express your interest and passion for the job; Millennials tend to be more involved and engaging when conducting interviews. However, if your interviewer is a baby boomer think about not focusing too much on questions regarding benefits and work events because they may not view these as the main priority.

 Improve Your CV

When you have stayed with the same job for a long period of time, your CV is often the least of your worries. It might be time to take a look at it, remove any unnecessary or outdated information and add all of those skills and experiences you’ve accumulated over time. CVs can become outdated easily and adding that extra skill may win over a recruiter. Having your CV ready to go always helps you feel prepared and ready to strike when you see the right job.

Where to find jobs

Don’t be afraid to click on job adverts that you see on the internet. Nowadays, adverts target you. Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds. It just means these adverts know what you are interested in, and what you have been searching for. So, if you have been searching for jobs on the internet, the chance is you will probably see job adverts on different websites.

Use google search to your advantage. Just by typing in keywords like ‘IT Jobs in Reading’ the top searches will have many job search websites directing you to that exact job. You can then search across many job boards and companies for that specific job.

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