6 online tools for jobseekers

ON July 26, 2018

When it comes to making your job search easier, there are many online tools for job seekers to help you with your job search. The majority of these tools are free to use and easily accessible. If you have an upcoming interview or merely want to update your CV, then career advice websites are a great go-to place for this. In most cases, you can simply do an internet search for the tool you would like to use, so it’s easy to get started straight away. Here are a few of the online tools outlined in detail below which can help you.

CV Builder

CV Builders are probably one of the most useful tools that are out there for job seekers. This tool helps people to create a CV from scratch, using professional, fully formatted CV templates, which tends to be a fairly quick and simple process. Some CV Builders differ in user journey and CV template designs, however, what most websites have in common is that the online feature will compose the CV for you.


LinkedIn is a job seeker’s best friend with the social network being created specifically for networking amongst businesses and professionals. The social platform offers job seekers the opportunity to create an extension to their CV with a LinkedIn profile and to really showcase what you have to offer prospective employers. LinkedIn has a big network of recruiters with 89% of them reporting they have hired someone through LinkedIn (Capterra). For this reason, if you have your profile set up right, they can contact you about relevant job opportunities. There is also a setting now on LinkedIn that allows you to easily communicate with recruiters.

linkedin career interests

What you can also do on LinkedIn is simply use this tool for searching for jobs, as there are a huge number of companies that post open positions. The feature has advanced over the years with it changing to be what it is today.

LinkedIn utilises your profile and career interests to separate recommended jobs into sections, allowing you to easily browse through jobs. The sections are split by jobs that you have previously viewed and companies that you have shown to have an interest in.

Social Media

Not all job seekers may be aware of this, but many recruitment companies and businesses post their jobs on social media. When you do start looking for a job, it’s worth typing your search into the various social media platforms to see if there are any opportunities listed here; not only is it an additional place to look for jobs, but it is also an effective way of gaining insight into a company’s culture and personality.

Another notable thing about social media is that you can be more visible to recruiters who are using each social platform to advertise their jobs and source candidates. Additionally, you can speak to recruiters through various social networks throughout your job search by engaging with them on their posts to establish your professional network.


One of the most fundamental tools and the most practical is your calendar as it is critical for a well-organised job search. When your life is hectic, it’s important to note down any interviews or meetings you may agree on. One of the challenges job seekers may face is getting into a job search rhythm because it’s another task to add to your day.

Consequently, a calendar can help you organise your day better to make the job search process run more smoothly, it also allows you to be notified daily about what interviews and applications you need to plan for.

Email Job Alerts

Keep up-to-date with the latest job positions with email job alerts. Many job boards offer this tool because it enables them to send jobs to you via an email notification when a job matching the criteria you are looking for becomes available. You can also set up how often you would like to receive the emails, either daily or weekly.

JobsTrackR has this email feature, which can send you current matches to your search criteria every day. To set up a job alert you need to enter your email address and use a keyword like the job title to receive suitable vacancies that are on JobsTrackR.

Google for Jobs

Google is a great tool in general and with the majority of users starting their online journey using the search engine to find a website, it’s a given to search on this platform to find a job as well. The browser has technology that is renowned for having the capabilities to use your keywords to generate the relevant web links.

Google for Jobs may not ring a bell yet, but this new feature is something that has been recently introduced. With this feature it allows your job search in Google to be more redefined, meaning the search engine identifies what job you are searching for and finds you the most relevant results.

Google for jobs

For example, the above image shows you jobs that are recommended by using the keyword ‘Marketing jobs’. Google also uses the current location to narrow down the job search further.

Start using career tools today to push yourself forward in your job search and work towards getting the interviews and job offers that you’re looking for.

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