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Pros and cons of using AI in CV writing

ON February 26, 2024

It’s not exactly a secret that AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in the recruitment process. Recruiters have been using ATS filtering software for years on job applications online, although largely they’re only using automation, not AI just yet. Even websites like LinkedIn (specifically their Premium accounts) have been using software to enhance the recruiting experience as well as to make the process easier for job seekers. 

With the advance of ChatGPT, as well as other AI programmes, it’s becoming more common for job seekers to use AI for their CV writing in the hope of standing out. The view of many job seekers is that you need to ‘beat the system’, especially the ATS system, to stand a chance of getting to that next stage. If companies are going to use AI to find the right applicant, shouldn’t you use AI to enhance your application? In reality, you’ll be met with both opportunities and challenges.  

Using AI for CV writing, or at any point in the job search, won’t guarantee you an interview and certainly won’t guarantee you a job. In fact, some of the best career advice right now would be to not overly rely on AI but to try to leverage it at the right points in the process. So, here are some pros and cons that every job seeker needs to know about using AI in CV writing. 

Pros of Using AI in CV Writing

Using AI to write your CV and cover letter can have a number of advantages if it’s utilised in the right way. Here are some of the biggest pros of using AI in CV writing:

It’s a Major Time Saver

You used to have to spend hours on your CV. Since the ATS system is often set up to focus on keywords for each job, you would need to tailor everything to each job – from the cover letter to the CV itself. 

That could take hours just for one job application. This is where AI can be a major timesaver, creating a compelling CV that’s entirely tailored to the company you’re applying to within seconds. 

It’s a Little Easier to Beat the ATS System

Alright, so you’re not exactly guaranteed to beat the ATS system, but you can at least count on AI to know how to get your CV to stand out more than if you created it manually. It’s not just about the keywords themselves when it comes to optimising your CV for the ATS system; it will also ensure the format and structural elements fit the guidelines.

Cons of Using AI in CV Writing

While there are some fantastic elements to using AI when you’re writing your CV, you should still keep in mind that it’s not always going to be the perfect solution. 

There’s a Lack of Human Touch to It

People are now becoming more attuned to copy entirely created by AI as it tends to be missing the creativity or personality of a human-written piece. AI deserves credit for data analysis and pattern recognition but it still lacks that crucial human touch. 

AI just lacks that human creativity. Think about a cover letter – this is meant to tell your story, detail who you are and showcase your unique experiences. AI just can’t create this; it requires a level of nuance that AI algorithms currently lack. 

The Risk of Sounding Overly Generic

When you read something that lacks that human touch, it’s super apparent that it’s AI. So you need to keep in mind that AI can sound overdone and generic, formulaic even. This is especially apparent if you’re relying on pre-built templates and suggestions. 

Hiring managers and recruiters want authenticity, they want that human touch, they want to see personality and originality shine in that CV. So, overly relying on AI for your CV might mean that your application will fail to capture attention and make an impression. 

Should You Use AI in Your CV Writing?

As you can see, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using AI in your CV writing. You can rely on AI-driven tools to help you out with your CV and even job applications, but there will be a lack of human touch. 

So, instead, why not only partially use AI, striking a balance by including the data-driven info that will help you work with the ATS system, but making sure you have that human touch that illustrates who you are. By understanding the pros and cons, you can utilise the power of AI to help make job searching and CV writing a little easier without sounding robotic. So good luck out there on your job search, keep informed of emerging trends and technologies and use them to help you secure your next job.

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