6 reasons why the Christmas period is a good time to find a job

ON December 20, 2017

Undoubtedly, this time of the year tends to be quiet, with many corporate businesses and agencies winding down for Christmas. However, despite what people may think, companies do still continue to work and recruit during this period. 

From business to business it may vary but if a company needs to hire someone, they will not put the hiring process on hold just because of Christmas. In fact, it can sometimes be the attitude of the job seeker that slows down the hiring process because of the festivity of the holiday season.

This time of the year is probably the best time to start a new career. Jobseekers can find a new role in a new company, ready to start the New Year with a fresh career path. Here are 6 reasons why the Christmas period is a good time to find a job:

1. Fresh new year

By the end of the year, businesses tend to tie up all the loose ends of the company to make sure they start their New Year afresh with everything sorted. A good example of this would be if a job position was available, they would be more likely to hire straight away instead of waiting until January.

2. Christmas break competition

Going back to the jobseeker’s attitude, many people leave their jobs this time of year, anticipating that they can spend the holiday season with their loved ones before going back to work. This means people slow down or stop their job search altogether. Therefore, meaning there is less competition for available job opportunities. 

3. End of year budget

Most companies have a recruitment budget for the year. Some have a rule about spending it before the year is over. So, in some cases, leftover money is spent on filling all vacancies within the company. So if a company that you like is hiring, it’s best to put in an application now rather than next year. 

4. Christmas season jobs

Over this busy period, every grocery and retail store is under huge pressure with Christmas sales, deliveries and customers. Because of this, stores hire more staff than usual for temporary contracts. Therefore, there are many job opportunities available for Christmas temp work. Consequently, by doing temporary work at this busy time you will be able to show your employee your full potential which could result in a longer-term contract with the company.

5. Beat the rush

A lot of people feel inclined to hold off on applying for a job until January. There is a huge rush of job seekers looking for a new job after Christmas. In short, beat the rush and get your job applications out there.

6. Christmas spirit

Take advantage of Christmas cheer. Most people tend to be in a better mood over the Christmas period. Recruiters and some companies have more time to spare and have less CVs to peruse. Therefore this works out perfectly for you. At the end of the day we are all humans and catching recruiters in a good mood means they may be more likely to shortlist you.

Don’t let the general assumption of job hunting over Christmas put you off. This month is still a good month to find a job. So, aside from the Christmas period, what are you waiting for? Find your perfect job today before the New Year. Make December the month you push your job search even harder. You can do this by:

  • Attending various networking events and job fairs over the Xmas period is a good chance to speak to potential employers.
  •  Keep up with looking for jobs on different platforms like social media, job sites or newspapers.
  • If you need some career guidance, take a look at more of our job tip blogs.
  • Don’t forget to register your CV with recruitment companies for them to assist you with your job search. This will make the job hunt a little bit easier. 

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