Where to find Christmas job roles for the holiday season

ON December 14, 2018

It’s that time of year again and the Christmas season is in full swing. Seasonal work is very much needed to support this time of year and temporary jobs become available around October time. To supplement your income and to gain experience, a Christmas job may be a great stepping stone to secure yourself a job in the future or to get you on the right path to achieving a job.

So, where should you start when you are finding a job for the Christmas season?

Online Search

Google For Jobs

Over the seasonal period, jobs adverts can increase in numbers because companies need that extra support. Temporary work is normally advertised by retail, warehouse and hospitality industries meaning these jobs will probably most popular in your job search. The best place to start your search is a Google search, simply type in what sort of job you are looking for and Google for Jobs will kick in and find you the most related jobs. The feature is at the top of your Google search and it takes into count your location if you have that set up in your settings.
Visit a company website directly

If you are very particular in your job search and you know what company you would like to work for over the Christmas period, then look directly on their website. Most companies have a section on their website that displays the current vacancies that they are hiring for. Places like Boots, Superdrug, Topshop and Nando’s are very good for this and they have an easy online application process.

Social Media search

Nowadays, a lot of companies have a separate social media profile for recruitment or many advertise their positions on their main social platforms. On Twitter and Facebook, you can simply use the search bar to type in the job you are searching for; even a hashtag search can work.

Here are the most popular hashtags used in job adverts when they are posted on Social Media,

#JobSearch or #JobHunt
#Job or #Jobs

Remember if you do interact with the job post in any way, then you need to double check your own Social Media and have a cleanup! The two main things you need to look out for is your privacy setting and your posts. Your privacy setting is really important because you don’t want your personal content, likes and posts on social to be scrutinised.

Social Media groups

There are various social media groups around now for people to discuss certain topics. In many small towns and cities, there are local group chats with people sharing jobs that they want to fill. It’s worth inviting yourself to groups in your local area for this reason alone. Many people resort to using these groups if they have a small business and they don’t want to pay to advertise the job. Around the holiday season jobs like this may pop up more because they want to fill the position quickly to support the busy period.

Off-line Search


Small businesses around your area may only be advertising their Christmas jobs in the shop window. For this reason, its good to just visit local places and see if they have any seasonal jobs available.

Make sure you bring your CV along just in case.

Here are some places you can start looking and visiting,

– Pubs and Restaurants
– The High Street/Local precinct
– Supermarkets
– Santa Grottos
– Garden centres


Your inner circle is a great place to start a job search in any circumstance. Over Christmas time people will know of job vacancies that are available within their own workplace, which means they can help you out securing a job. Simply just ask around and someone in your network will know of a job that you can apply for.

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