How to choose the right CV template?

ON June 27, 2018

You have found a new job role that you want to apply to, but you don’t have a CV! What do you do? Spend hours fixing and amending the old one or re-write and re-structure a whole new one? Here is how to choose the right CV template for the job position you want to apply for.

Today the whole process of creating a CV doesn’t have to be as daunting as it once was. Many websites these days; including JobsTrackR, have templates and outlines of CV’s that you can use to your full potential.

Increase your chances of getting your CV noticed with templates that include many colourful elements and fields to expand on your work experience information. Whatever you may be looking for in a CV template you always need to revert back to what job position you are applying for. For example, you won’t want to have that creative CV for a professional job position.

What CV template to use?

When searching for CV formats online, you will find many. Some cost to download and even though some may be great, there are definitely free ones out there. Before going with a template, take into consideration these questions;

– What job sector are you applying for?

– Do I want to show off my skillset in a creative way?

– How much do you want to include on your CV?

Knowing these questions will help you decide what CV template will work for you and the position you are applying for. Tailoring your CV to job postings and companies is fundamental in you bagging an interview and beating the competition.

The Creative CV

Are you in a creative job field? Use this when it comes to your CV, you shouldn’t feel restricted on what you want to display on your CV. After all, you are creating so you can reflect this on your CV.

Many websites that have CV templates have a creative format option where there is a design element like infographics, graphics, designs, charts, or colours. The point of these templates is to show off your creative skills. While this might be the best approach to showcase your skill set, remember to always consider the receiver of the CV. This kind of template might get too complex to read or understand. Also, you need to consider ATS software when applying with a creative CV because it is not a simple format to render through an Application Tracking System.

The Professional CV

Are you in a professional job sector? Choosing a traditional modern CV template is good for people who are applying for a job in a professional or corporate sector. The clean effect is professional and smart looking. Some CV templates that are displayed as a ‘professional CV’ have design components like a splash of colour in the header and some geometric graphics. The content remains visible in a more traditional format.

The Classic CV

Is your job field quite generic? A classic looking CV can still work well. However, you may need to pay more attention to the content you use and the basic formatting.

The ‘what not to do’ CV

On some websites, there are obviously some cases of CV templates not looking great. If you do use the basic CV templates, try avoiding cramming your information onto the one page. In addition to fitting the text into the CV, make sure your font is a good size and be sure to balance your text with enough white space to give your resume a clean look.

Some CV templates that are out there have strange elements, like hot pink text or unrelated images. Avoid this altogether, and stick with traditional coloured fonts. Also, only include images if its relevant to what you are trying to convey.

Check the final CV

Choosing a CV template is one thing, how you use it is quite another. When you have finished with the template it’s important to check the format and the content. Over time of editing, it may erode the original composition making it different from what you first downloaded.

Nevertheless, when deciding on a CV template, content does always come out on top. So, ‘How to write a good CV’ still comes into play when creating a CV. As well as tailoring your CV to specific job roles and companies with keywords and experiences that match.

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