How to start a new career with no experience

ON May 17, 2018

Starting a new career with no experience is doable and it’s something many people do to fulfil their potential. However, it may simply be to do with wanting a change from your current day-to-day life. Whatever the reason may be, the choice to change career is something you really need to think about. Many people can take a long time to make the final decision to move on from their job position but some people just want to take the plunge. There are ways to break into new employment even if you have no experience.

Paid Internships

With most job sectors, there is the avenue to place as an intern within a company. Whether it is an internship programme or just contacting the company asking for an internship position; there is a way to get into the company.

In the UK, internships are mostly paid depending on the status of employment. The national minimum wage is required from employees if they consider you a worker or an employee. This was changed not that long ago, meaning this a new way to get into a different career whilst getting paid.

An internship is a great way to get into a new career without having the qualifications. It allows you to get insights in the field whilst gaining knowledge. In some cases, it may be that you need to go through an internship anyway to get into the company.

Back to Education

In some cases, you may need the correct education and qualifications to get into certain fields. For example, you can’t become a vet without the right certificate and degree. To avoid disappointment when starting a new career, it is worth to check what expertise and qualifications you may need. Luckily many job sectors don’t just need qualifications and there are other ways to get into the profession.

Education can be a route that you may want to adventure back into. Gaining another qualification to achieve your new career is always a positive. However, you may need to embrace reality if for whatever reason you can’t get into an education course.

Volunteer work

Volunteering can give you the valuable experience you need without having any previous work background. The main thing you can also get from volunteering is demonstrating skills you may not have known you had. It’s also a helpful way to see if you enjoy the new kind of work you want to go into. For example, if you’re thinking about leaving your administration job to become a Designer. Before you enrol in a course or apply for jobs, consider volunteering at a charity that handles design. The taster experience will give you chance to try before you buy (Invest in pushing for that career). Plus, you’ll get to just help a charity out which is great.

Becoming a volunteer will also give you that valuable network to get your foot further in the door.

Networking in business

Although applying for jobs online is easy, an employer can sound really specific about what qualifications and skills they want from someone. What many people don’t really utilise is their existing network circle. Over the years you may have spoken to people or just know people that are in the field of work that you want to get into. Many people in your network are also willing to help, even if it’s the case of them getting you some work experience.

Compare skills

Do you already have career skills? If yes, list them down. Chances are you have some transferable skills. Like anytime you talk about the qualities you can bring to a workplace, you need to then talk about experiences and duties you have done that apply these skills.

When you have these skills rounded up to make a perfect discussion why your existing skills make you perfect for the job, you can then add this to your CV. Just remember to put yourself in the shoes of those who will be hiring you. Why do you think they should hire you? This should reflect all that you put in your CV and cover letter, as well as what you say in the interviews.

Change up your CV and cover letter

Following comparing skills, when you know what skills you can transfer to the job role than its a good idea to change up your CV and cover letter. When adjusting your CV its good to mention your career change. All employers like to know an interviewees story and this will work in your favour when mentioning this in your CV because it can highlight why it’s a logical step to enter a new job.

Be mindful of the fact employees don’t just always look for work experience. Many looks at the ability of someone fitting in the company personally and culturally. Also, someone with less experience means they bring a fresh view of the company and any career change can take time to fully work out. Meaning, you need to be patient when looking for a new job in a new sector. If you believe in the career switch, then it’s worth it. For now, hone all the skills you can with your current job and work on growing them skills.


The future depends on what you do today.
—Mahatma Gandhi


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